Business opportunities in Viet Nam

11/03/2014, 00:00

With the growing demand and the changing world‘s economic situation, it is predicted that Vietnam will be an ideal investment destination for many foreign enterprises expecting to enter business in Viet Nam.

Evaluated as a potential market, many large companies and corporations of Taiwan, Hungary, Singapore, Egypt, Indonesia ... are willing to expand business in Vietnam.
Business in Viet Nam has many factors which are appealing to investors such as low labor costs, large and growing consumer market, abundant labor resource..etc. However, doing business in Vietnam can still be challenging. Enterprises finds difficult in putting their steps to Viet Nam. In order to open the door, Long Hau Company will support them with;
• Industrial land
To the end of 2013, Long Hau IP has attracted 120 investors with total capital of 6,000 billion dong. Land area for lease has been reached 1.054.700 m², filling over 87% of total area.
• Ready Built Factory for lease
Additional structure: each factory has a separate parking house/area. 24/24 security, security station for each factory.
• Long Hau Residential Area
Linking houses - Tenement building – Villas
• Long HauXanh Apartment building
• Long HauGreen Apartment Building is rated as building friendly with environment, green tree area close to 7,000 m2, fully utilities as Food Coop (Coop Mart), ATM, clinic, police station , outdoor..


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