Long Hau Xanh Apartment Building

Long Hau Corporation introduced Long Hau Xanh apartment building project located at Long Hau Industrial Park. Apartment building has 600 apartments, 300 apartments in two blocks for long-term lease, 100 apartments in one block for services, commercial space, and one block (150 apartments) for sale, allowing residents to own completed apartment in good price with 349 million for 40 m2 apartment. Just pay 100 million for receiving apartment and the average monthly contribution 3 million in 10 years.

Long Hau Xanh Apartment Building is rated as building friendly with environment, green tree area close to 7,000 m2, fully utilities as Food Coop (Coop Mart), ATM, clinic, police station , outdoor sport court, children's playground, soccer fields, camping park, BBQ ... Especially residents also participate in free activities on education, life skills training, basic working.

Three basic benefits to residents such as:

Save time: Working in industrial park, you no longer have to worry about traffic jams, risk, stress in traffic ... You will have more time to take care of your personal life and family.

Save cost: No worries constantly rising rents, higher utility rates, flooding rain, hot sun ... And more, residents will enjoy all the amenities for professionals.

Stable development:
- Participate in life-skills training, computer classes, English and Japanese classes free for workers.
- Physical development with outdoor sports area with many free useful device, mini football ground, badminton courts, walking paths ... playing area for children
- Enhance spiritual life for laborers. Besides the wide green park near 7,000 m2, where residents seek to relieve stress after work hours, free movie screenings…