Supporting to complete the legal investment procedures quickly

Building on good relation government from departments, local authorities, Long Hau IP supports investors to complete their investment procedures quickly. Particular cases: Dyechem Alliance, Viet Duc Cable, Puma... it took only one year to complete investment and construction procedures operation.

Regarding for investors, currently, Long Hau IP has the fastest progress of issuing Land Use Right in Long An province; it takes only two months after completing the Payment procedures. Investors received Land Use Right are: Quanon Company, Dyachem Alliance Company, Lotte–Sea Logistic Company, Simone Bag Limited Company, Viet Duc Fiber Cable and Accessories, Viet Ha Company and so on.

Customer benefit

Saving time to run the projects and then quickly put into producing.. 

Ready built infrastructure

Land plot was filled up with sands to reach the elevation of 1.8m (the National standardized elevation of Hon Dau) and the compactness coefficient K ≥ 0.85.

The system of traffic, lighting, technical infrastructure are completed.

Power supply system is provided by Can Giuoc power station (110KV/73MV) - Long An Electric System and Nha Be power station - Ho Chi Minh City Electric System, and Power station of 110KV/22KV-37MVA located in IP.

Waste treatment system reach the Standard Level A, capacity 2,000 m3/day and can upgrade to 12,000m3/day.

Clean water is supplied by Long Hau underground water factory and Ho Chi Minh City water-supply system. The capacity is 8,000 m3/day and can be upgraded to 12,000m3/day.

 Natural supply gas system (CNG)

Telecommunication infrastructure is provided by Eastern Ho Chi Minh city Telephone Company. With modern high speed technology (high-speed optical fiber cables), the line of Ho Chi Minh City (area code 08), tenants can use phone number of Ho Chi Minh City.

Supporting to complete the legal investment procedures quickly.

Health service, fire protection station, security 24/7.