CÔNG TY TNHH MỘT THÀNH VIÊN NAGAMATSU SEISAKUSHO VIỆT NAM có mã số thuế 1101372736 được cấp vào ngày 27/04/2011, cơ quan Thuế đang quản lý: Cục Thuế Tỉnh Long An

We are proud to have grown into Vietnam from 2011 and have grown into a factory that can realize various needs of customers, low cost, high quality, mass production. By utilizing Japan's know-how, by building a local network, we realize mass production and low cost with close quality to Made in Japan. In the future, we will carry out sales activities from the Vietnam base to the Asian region, and we will send the Nagamatsu brand to the world.

Công ty TNHH MTV Nagamatsu Seisakusho Việt Nam

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